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  • veggie prints 3/29/20

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  • styrofoam plate printmaking 3/29/20

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  • styrofoam printmaking 3/29/20

    Fifth graders before we had left school we were elbows deep in printer's ink printmaking snowflakes. Do you remember some of the printmaking terms CONCAVED, CONVEXED, BRAYER, ORIGINAL, PRINT ? Here are some printmaking examples like the ones that you had done at school. You could try the same at home if you have a styrofoam plates and some poster paints. Yes, poster/tempera paint will work just not as well as printer's ink. Use a ballpoint pen on styrofoam instead of scribe and a foam brush instead of brayer. If you do not have styrofoam plates here's another idea, look at the produce (veggies and fruits) at your house. Potatoes, apples, carrots, and celery work great as orignals (the thing you use to make prints) just remember to becareful carving into veggies to make concave spaces.

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