• These are a list of links to websites that have multiple scholarship opportunities

  • Above are direct links to general scholarship search websites.  To the left, there is a list of specific scholarships under the "Scholarship Information" heading.  Scholarships arrive throughout the year to the Guidance Office.  Students are encouraged to stop in the Guidance office to look at scholarships as well as to research on their own.  Once students are accepted, they should start looking at scholarships offered specifically by the school they will be attending as well as searching for scholarships pertaining to the career field they are majoring in.

    How Do I Find Scholarships?

    You may feel like it isn’t worth it to apply to scholarship awards because of how competitive many of them are. But someone has to win, so why shouldn’t it be you? Landing an award isn’t easy but there are ways to improve your chances, especially if the scholarship you find is focused on criteria specific to your student profile. Qualification criteria vary so much from scholarship providers to scholarship providers that most people seeking scholarships could certainly find some assistance. Apply for academic scholarships if you have a stellar GPA and standardized test scores to match but don’t forget all the things that make you unique and could land you free money to pad your financial aid package.

    One of the most important steps once you find an award that interests you is to read the directions (pay attention especially to deadlines), qualifications (if you don’t meet the criteria exactly, don’t apply) and fine print carefully (an award you have to pay for to receive could be a scholarship scam). Paying attention to detail will also help you from making minor mistakes that will send your application to the bottom of the judges’ pile. Remember that there are scholarship opportunities out there for everyone, even if your strengths have nothing to do with academics. Browse through our site to see some of our secrets to success and scholarship information on how to make your application stand out and look like a winning entry.