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  • Information on Right-to-Know

    A new law is known as the Right-to-Know (RTK) or Open Records law went into effect on January 1, 2009. The law governs the release of public records. The Pennsylvania Office of Open Records reminds agencies to ensure that citizens are provided access to records to which they are entitled. Equally important, the Office of Open Records reminds citizens to use good judgment in seeking records from the public body and not use this law to harass or overburden a public body from performing its other functions. The Office of Open Records reminds both citizens and agencies that, when the law takes effect in January 2009, the process initially may not be seamless. The Office of Open Records encourages patience and a spirit of cooperation among all parties.

    Requesters are reminded that when you file a RTK request, you are seeking records and not just asking questions. This law governs the release of records. Requests for records must be specific and concise so that the District can identify and locate the records and respond within the allowable time frame.

    Additional information may be obtained by contacting the PA Office of Open Records:http://openrecords.state.pa.us.