• Classroom Expectations


    • Be on time to class.


    • Bring all materials with you to class that are going to be needed for that day.


    • If you don’t understand a particular concept, please ask. Don’t let yourself get behind.


    • If you need extra help, please set up a time with me to be tutored.
      1. Most mornings I will be available to tutor at 7:30 a.m. unless otherwise noted in the red box beside the smart board.
      2. After school tutoring should be prearranged.
      3. Academic homeroom is another good time to get tutoring.


    • Work that is not made up within the “Procedures for Make-Up Work” in the handbook will be marked in the grade book as a zero unless other arrangements have been made with me. I will still allow a three day make-up period for any major test.  Absence because of a school activity does not have a grace period.


    • Please refer to your individual Google Classroom page on the Internet for missed lessons and/or homework assignments or refer to the daily, assigned, homework sheet posted in room 110 on the front cabinet if you do not have Internet access. If a block is not filled in, please ask me for the assignment.


    • If you would like the notes saved for any particular day that you know you’re going to miss ahead of time, write the date and the period in the space provided on my white board.


    • If by chance we happen to go to a virtual classroom, we will be looking at apps that can be downloaded to your phone or Chromebook that will enable you to submit a pdf form of your work into Google Classroom.


    • If for some reason I offend you in class because of something that I said or the tone that I said it in, please let me know as soon as possible so we can clear the air.


    • Notebooks are optional but highly advised. Note taking skills will be discussed and practiced.


    • If you have struggled on your last couple of tests and you feel that you did everything possible to prepare for the test, please see me and we will work on developing your own test taking strategies.