• Lesson plans are subject to change at the teacher's discretion based on student needs and/or unforseen events.  You may also ask your child to reference their To-Do list posted on Google Classroom.  Students will be made aware of changes in class as well. Activities that are in BOLD on the to-do list are those that have already been completed and should have been turned in.  You may also view the entire course progression and lesson plans using the links below. 


    Week of 9/19 - 9/23

    M -  Finish Lame Warrior and/or Heavy collar notes // Complete compare/contrast slide for Lame Warrior and Heavy Collar to prepare for compare/contrast essay (counts as part of the test) //Begin essay test

    T -   finish compare and contrast essay // Introduction to “Show What You Know” projects - review of criteria, guidelines, examples, expectations, etc. // NATIVE AMERICAN FOLKTALES “SWYK” projects are due FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th. 

    W - Overview of conducting research for research paper 

    Th -   Students were given a day in class to find one valid resource for the research paper and have it approved by the teacher - once approved, students could start working on reading the source and compiling notes - FIRST NOTES CHECK WILL BE ON 9/29

    F - Introduction to Hamlet by William Shakespeare - Shakespeare biography and webquest, character chart (click and drag activity in notes) // video for character chart activity:  https://youtu.be/iDJLWi6exPE 


    Week of 9/26-9/30

    M - Read/watch Act 1 with notes (notes are the summary slides)

    T - Read/watch Act 1 with notes (notes are the summary slides)

    W  -  Act 1 quiz / READ/watch:  Act 2 with notes


    F  -  SWYK PROJECTS FOR NATIVE AMERICAN FOLKTALES DUE - PRESENTATIONS ON 10/3-10/4 AS NEEDED // Act 2 quiz / READ/watch:  Act 3 with notes


    Week of 10/3-10/7

    M -  SWYK project presentations // READ/watch:  Act 3 with notes 

    T -SWYK project presentations // Act 3 quiz / READ/watch:  Act 4 with notes

    W - READ/watch: Act 4 with notes

    Th - Act 4 quiz / READ/watch:  Act 5 with notes

    F - Act 5 with notes

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    Plan for the NEXT unit of study = Native American Folktales

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