Patricia Weston

    Jr./Sr. High School Art Instructor

    Yearbook Advisor

    Contact Information:

    email: pweston@rockwoodschools.org

    Telephone: 814-926-4688 ext. 2213


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  • Biography - Patricia Weston has been teaching Art at Rockwood Area School District for 29 years. She received at Bachelor of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University and her teaching certificate from Carlow University Ms. Weston has completed numerous additional college courses and professional development. Such as five summers of Ceramic study at Bennington College in VT through MASS College of Art and completed some of the first university online classes also through MASS College of Art. Through PBS educational department, understanding of the concepts and techniques Digital Storytelling was pursued and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are part of the educator's toolbox learned while attending the University California San Diego online program.

    Philosophy of Education - I believe the Arts to be an important component of an education for many reasons. The first and perhaps the most important to every student, K-12, is that the Arts provide problem solving and critical skills which carry across the curriculum.Students are given a positive outlet for their emotions and energy while gaining respect for diverse learning styles and cultures. The study of the Arts provides an opportunity for creative expression, exploration, and personal growth, while building a strong foundation of technical skills, and understanding of technology.

    My goal as an art educator is to develop a strong creative force in students which enable them to develop visual communication skills. Creativity and the opportunity fr one to be creative is an expression of the soul and connects us as human beings.