• Remote Learning

    Rockwood Area School District Flexible Instructional Days Program:

    During the 2023-2024, 2024-2025 and 2025-2026 School Years, the Rockwood Area School District will be utilizing Flexible Instruction Days (FIDs), which may be used for an extended absence due to inclement weather or another emergency situation such as the COVID 19 Pandemic. On Flexible Instructional Day, students will complete learning activities and assignments provided by their teachers through remote learning experiences. 

    Flexible Instructional Days (click here for the full application details) will count as instructional school days. To be considered in attendance for the day, students will complete an online form linked on the website.  If a child does not have internet access, the family will need to contact the appropriate building office by 10 am to verify attendance.  Students will also need to complete assignments listed for that school day within the appropriate Google classroom and/or offline materials. 

    Notification and communication:

    Students and families will be informed of a FID through the District's mass notification system, similar to how school closings and delays are currently announced. Notifications will be distributed via School Messenger and will be posted on the District's website www.rockwoodschools.orgTeachers will be available from 8-3:15 via Google classroom, Gmail, and the district phone number by leaving a message and expecting a returned phone call within 45 minutes.  Phone calls after 2:00pm may be returned the following day.  Teachers will respond to student questions and provide feedback when students submit assignments or ask questions.  Teachers will monitor assignment completion when applicable throughout the instructional day.  Students completing online or offline assignments will have three regular school days per FID day to submit their completed assignments.  

    Listed below are the procedures for students for daily attendance and completing assignments.  

     Attendance - Report your child’s attendance by 10 am

    • Students with internet access will be required to complete the attendance form. Attendance Form.  
    • Students without internet access will call either the high school or elementary office to check-in for the day.  814-926-4688
    • Student participation will also be determined by the completion of the assignments and activities. 

    Accessing Assignments:

    To access assignments click here Rockwood Google Classroom

    Students in grades K - 6 should access their teacher’s Google Slides/Google Classroom.  Students will also need to access previously distributed FID learning materials (hard copies) connected to the day's instructional activities. Student's activities should be completed through Google Slides/Classroom if possible.  Students using offline materials should save digital information on their Chromebooks or in hard copy form.  Manipulative and resources are contained in the FID learning materials. These learning materials will be marked to correspond with FID days.  

     Students in grades 7-12 should follow their schedule to complete the activities and assignments assigned by their teachers as they normally do during a regular school day.  The activities and assignments can be completed on their Chromebook in Google Classroom with or without the internet.  Students will have to save the offline file on their Chromebook prior to school closure.  If additional offline resources are necessary, students will be provided with a flash drive with preloaded digital resources.