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    Physics 2


    Objective: Understand the terminology, symbols, and SI Units for Electric Potential and Potential energy.

    Describe and calculate various kinds of changes in electrical potential.

    Activity:  Notes, discussion, sample problems, and video clips on electrical potential.

    Assessment: Note-book check. 


     Objective: understand the function of capacitors and various applications and types of capacitors used in circuits,

    Activity:    Notes, demonstrations, simulations, and sample problems related to capacitance

    Assessment: Notebook check


    Objective:  Students will solve problems related to capacitance and electrical potential.

    Activity:     Demonstration and guided practice problems from ch 17 for chapter 17

    Assessment:  Completed Chapter 17  sample problems



    Objective:  Students will solve problems related to capacitance and electrical potential 

    Activity:   independent practice problems on chapter 17.

    Assessment: Completed Problem set from chapter 17


    Objective:  Students will construct simple capacitors

    Activity:  Capacitance lab

    Assessment: Data table and functional capacitors.

    General Physical Science


    Objectives:  Construct a scientific graph from their spreadsheets on density.

    Understand various properties of matter.

    Activity: Construct graphs of data from the density lab. Notes, demonstrations, and discussion on properties of matter.

    Assessment:  Submitted graphs and notebook check.



    Objective: Students will define and classify physical and chemical properties and Changes of matter.

    Activity: Demonstrations, notes, and discussion of properties of matter. 

    Assessment: notebook check




    Objective:  Students will classify physical and chemical properties and changes in matter

    Activity:    Directed reading and study guide ch 2.1

    Assessment: Completed  SG Chapter 2.1


    Objective: Describe changes in matter as chemical or physical

    Activity:  Demonstrations of chemical and physical properties.

    Assessment:  Student feedback




    Objective: Determine the pH of various substances

    Activity:   pH Lab

    Assessment:  Completed Lab report on pH



    Objective: Students will describe the various rates of motion, symbols, and SI units for Formulas related to motion

    Activity: Notes, demonstrations, and sample problems with motion in the horizontal dimension

    Notebook Check


    Objective: Students will solve problems related to speed, displacement, and distance.  


    Guided practice problems on Chapter 2.1


     Completed Chapter 2.1 problems



    Objective: Students will solve problems related to speed and velocity

    Activity:  Guided and practice problems on speed and velocity

    Assessment: completed  Handout problems on speed and velocity



    Objective:  Students will determine changes in velocity and acceleration

    Activity:   Demonstration problems and guided practice problems on calculations of changes of velocity and acceleration

    Assessment:   Completed problem set


     Objective: Understand various rates of motion.

    Activity: MU The law of falling bodies


    Physics Lab


      Objective: collect data on the speed of a pasco car  

    Activity:   Pasco car lab

    Assessment: Completed  spreadsheet on the Pasco car lab


    Objective:  Students will write a scientific lab report

    Activity:   Lab writeup on the Pasco car lab

    Assessment: Submitted lab report


    Objective: understand and description of graphs of motions

    Activity: PHET Simulation on motion

    Assessment:Graphs of motions


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