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    To log into Google classroom, go to classroom.google.com and type the log-in code provided by Mr. Kush in class.  If you need the code, please contact Mr. Kush. 

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    Biography:  My wife Heather, who is a teacher at Berlin Elementary School, and I live deep in the woods of Central City, near the Bedford County line.  I have been a teacher for over twenty years.  Believe it or not, I was an English teacher at Berlin HS for six years and I am certified in 6-12 English and Communications.  I went back to college for two years to become certified in K-12 Technology Education.  Teaching Engineering and Technology is fun, exciting, and challenging each day.  I work with students in grades 7-12.  Each period of the day, I teach a different course:  Technical Design, Mechatronics, Materials Processing / Manufacturing, Energy & Power Systems, Welding, Invention & Innovation 7th Grade, Technology Systems 8th Grade, and Foundations of Technology 9th Grade!  In addition, I also get to work with the Life Skills students who maintain the vending machines, recycle paper boxes, and make many projects.  My Engineering & Technology Club participates in a variety of building projects for the school and community and we manage multiple booths at the yearly Bonfire.  Each year, the club participates in an overnight field trip when we tour a manufacturing facility and other related STEM venues.  I am also responsible for after-school community service and the adviser for Soph-Senior and the Prom.  RASD is a GREAT place to learn!   



    Joe Kush