• Genetics and Heredity

    What's important?

    (19.5% of focus)
    • Describe the events that occur during the cell cycle: interphase, nuclear division (i.e. mitosis or meiosis), cytokinesis
    • Compare the processes and outcomes of mitotic and meiotic nuclear divisions
    • Explain the functional relationships between DNA, genes, alleles, and chromosomes and their roles in inheritance
    • Describe and/or predict observed patterns of inheritance (i.e. dominant, recessive, codominance, incomplete dominance, sex-linked, polygenic, and multiple alleles)
    • Describe processes that can alter composition or number of chromosomes (i.e. crossing-over, nondisjunction, duplication, translocation, deletion, insertion, and inversion)
    • Describe how genetic mutations alter the DNA sequence and may or may not affect phenotype (e.g. silent, nonsense, frame-shift)
    • Explain how genetic engineering has impacted the field of medicine, forensics, and agriculture (e.g. selective breeding, gene splicing, cloning, genetically modified organisms, gene therapy)