• Lesson plans are subject to change at the teacher's dicretion based on student needs and/or unforseen events.  You may also ask your child to reference their To-Do list posted on Google Classroom.  Students will be made aware of changes in class as well. Activities that are in BOLD on the to-do list are those that have already been completed and should have been turned in.  You may also view the entire course progression and lesson plans using the links below. 


    Week of 9/26-9/30

    M -  Act 1 read/view and complete notes

    T -  Act 1 read/view and complete notes // Act 1 quiz

    W - Act 2 prologue paraphrasing/translation // Act 2 - read/view and notes

    Th -   Act 2 - read/view and notes

    F -  SWYK PROJECTS FOR NATIVE AMERICAN FOLKTALES DUE - PRESENTATIONS ON 10/3-10/4 AS NEEDED // Act 2 - read/view and notes/summary sheet


    Week of 10/3-10/7

    M -  SWYK PROJECT PRESENTATIONS // Acts 1-2 Viewing and review / QUIZ TOMORROW // Students were told if they did not complete a SWYK project for Native American Folktales,

    that they should plan to complete one for Romeo and Juliet (it will be due on 10/28)

    T - SWYK PROJECT PRESENTATIONS // ACTS 1-2 QUIZ // Begin reading Act 3 and notes

    W -  Act 3 - read/view and notes 

    Th - Act 3 - read/view and notes   

    F -  Act 4 read/view and notes


    Week of 10/10 - 10/14

    M - Teacher In-Service - NO SCHOOL

    T - Act 4 read/view and notes  

    W - Act 5 read/view and notes

    TH -  Act 5 read/view and notes // begin review of acts 3-5 and prepare for quiz

    F -  Read Native American Folktale “Kaitlin and the Iron People” and complete compare/contrast chart in notes // TEST ON MONDAY-TUESDAY


    Week of 10/17-10/21

    M - Acts 3-5 TEST

    T - R&J Essay Test

    W -  Introduction to Puritan Literature - webquest

    Th - Anne Bradstreet - Biography and poetry (with notes)

    F -  Anne Bradstreet - Biography and poetry (with notes)


    Week of 10/24-10/28

    M -  Finish Bradstreet poetry and notes /

    T -  Poor Richard’s Almanac Writing Activity

    W - Introduction to American Revolution and Renaissance in Literature - Fireside Poets // Dickinson biography and poem with notes

    Th -  Finish Dickinson poetry and notes // Longfellow biography and poetry (with notes

    F - SWYK PROJECTS FOR ROMEO AND JULIET DUE (presentations on 10/31-11/1) // Longfellow poetry and notes

  • Plan for the most current unit of study = Native American Folktales

    Plan for the NEXT unit of study = Romeo and Juliet

    Plan for the PREVIOUS unit of study = 

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